My girlfriend and I both went for a Hollywood wax. It ended up being the most painful, worst experience I've ever had, and the technician seemed to think she was doing a fine job. She pulled on the same area numerous times; when she failed to get the wax off she would re-apply another layer until it hardened and then try again. She would tug at the same area so many times that my reflexes began to kick in, anticipating the next bout of pain. The area was throbbing, at which point she then told me to relax and listen to some music--"if you keep thinking about the area it will hurt more." She was referring to the imaginary music in my head, right? Because there was no music in the studio itself. Where she would successfully pull the wax off she would reapply in the area to get the remaining hairs. I didn't even mention she was re-dipping; in the end, I just told her to please stop. She ended up having to cut the wax off. I was so nervous she would cut me by accident I ended up telling her to stop, period. She then asked if I could turn over so she could do the back. I said no and left with wax still attached. I came out of the room hoping my friend had had the wonderful experience I'd read about online, but she had stopped her session halfway, too--30 minutes prior. Turns out it wasn't just my "technician" who was incompetent. Needless to say, I'll never come back.
What I liked most about Flawless HK is that they don'y just do treatments- they give service that is beyond amazing. From nails to facial, to massage to other age defying treatment, wow! they really do it better than other spas I have visited. I have told my experience to my girl friends and from what I've seen from eyes- they would also love to visit this spa. Who can resist the chance to become flawless and younger looking, hmmm? They really give the best facial in hong kong, central spa.
A friend of mine recommended Flawless HK to me. At first, I thought that it's just another day spa offering services of course but later that I realized that it is totally different from the others. The ambiance is truly wonderful. I feel so relaxed. I love the facials in hong kong, spa hk. And the manicure? OMG. They made my nails look longer just because of the nail art. Great service. Great place. Worth recommending.