matVis is well-designed, especially for scientists and engineers in scientific computing fields, with the following main features:

  • Easy. Simplicity is one of the major aims of matVis. As a result, matVis is extremely easy to use. A beginner can integerate matVis into his codes within several hours. See Quick Start for an example.

  • Real-time and Interactive. Visualize the computation results and interact with users at the same time of simulation.

  • Flexibility. Users can design their visualizations. Through programing, users can realize easily very complicated visualization scenario to meet their individual requirements which are impossible for post-visualition softwares such as tecplot, origin, paraview etc.

  • Heigh level Input GUI. matVis has a powerful input dialog, by which users can easily input their data through GUI instead of standard input. Input dialog will automatically check the validity of the input to guarentee input correctness. Input dialog typically looks like:

In addition, matVis has the following advantages:

Portable and Extension

matVis supports MS Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS1 and supports many programming languages and compilers. By recompiling, the same code can run under various systems. The following compilers are tested:

  • Visual Studio 6 and higher under MS Windows (Win7-Win10 32/64 bit).

  • Compaq Visual Fortran 6.0 and higher under MS Windows.

  • Intel Visual Fortran/C/C++ under MS Windows and Linux.

  • GCC under Linux.

1. If your system is not supported, please contact us support@sigmath.net, we will reply within 48 hours.

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